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Holiday Time As a Single Parent

Well, I’ve spent a lot of the holidays with family and a week-long
vacation with my son. Spent Christmas Eve at my parents
and Christmas day at my sister’s house. Our children are
only a year apart and they get along great. Taking videos
of them opening presents is guaranteed to be classic films
we’ll all look back on down […]

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New Meaning to Valentine’s Day

For those single parents who spend Valentine’s Day alone,
don’t let the hype of the holiday misguide or depress you.
Much in the same way that Christmas has become over
commercialized, maybe the same thing has happened with
Valentine’s day.
As I learned from my first Christmas as a single parent
this past December, you should never lose an opportunity
to express […]

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Single Parent Dating in Idaho, Hawaii

I have recently been paying more attention to the
demographics of single parents, and noticed that there
is a concentration of searches in Google from certain areas.
Places like, Bonners Ferry, Emmett, Star, and Tensed in
Idaho. Also, Hilo and Kahuku in Hawaii. Its very interesting
that more of the inquiries wouldn’t emanate from more
metropolitan areas and big cities.
It’s […]

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Rich Single Parents & Dating

I’ve been watching the Millionaire Matchmaker series
on the Bravo station. Even though I’m positive its the
exception, its interesting to see how single fathers
who are rich search for love. There is a single parent
who has a young daughter enlist the matchmaking services
to help his dating and love life.
The woman who runs the company and oversees the […]

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Part-Time vs Full-Time Parents

The weekend weather lately in New England has been
miserable with February being the snowiest
on record. Its doesn’t exactly motivate me to
throw my nice clothes on and go boogying. Besides,
when I have my son for the weekend, I just like to
focus on spending quality time with him. We’ve been
renting movies, going to arcades, and sledding. To […]

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Dating Online Compared to Clubs

There comes a point in the life of any single parent dating out there where you realize that the options for meeting another person more compatible with you improves when you resort to online dating versus the clubs and dances. There’s just so much more information you can glean from the various online dating sites […]

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